I am inspired by artists who have realistically portrayed the daily lives of people. The theme of my art is the urban landscape and the people who dwell within it.  The scenes of my work are universal, whether they take place in my native Chicago or in distant lands.  My paintings depict the routines of ordinary people in their natural environments within the life of a city and its architecture.  Some of my paintings represent city dwellers solely through their handiwork.  It is my hope that the understated beauty of everyday city life is presented unvarnished and truthfully in my work.

I also like to take a break from my larger paintings to paint what I call flower portraits.   These are 6"x 6" paintings of photos that I take during all my travels.

Giclee prints are available for all artwork featured on this site.  Feel free to contact me at thomasfroeser@comcast.net for any questions that you have about my work.   

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